What Makes a Great Alliance: SmartBear and Cognizant
Test and Monitor | Posted July 25, 2016

As IT takes a starring role in driving the business objectives of enterprises, the pace of technology change and the interplay of technologies from different vendors adds huge risk to the business.

To maintain a competitive edge, enterprises must find ways to adopt and integrate leading edge technologies from a variety of suppliers, and must manage the change that implementing these technologies brings.

The importance of technology partnerships

Partnerships can go a long way in helping to mitigate these challenges, particularly when we consider expert system integrators (SI) and leading technology tools vendors.

The system integrator has the perspective to see requirements across his customer’s enterprise, putting individual needs in context and providing solutions that incorporate implementation services, technologies and integration. A system integrator’s perspective is more broad than deep.

The tools vendor has a narrow, but highly valuable perspective defined by his area of expertise. A partnership between a systems integrator and tools vendor is a symbiotic relationship that directly benefits the customer.

That's why we are excited to announce a new partnership between SmartBear Software and Cognizant Technology Solutions.

If you are a technology tools vendor like SmartBear, you look for partners that bring to bear this broad perspective. As a company focused on software quality, we key on partners with deep expertise in test automation, performance engineering and test management. In contrast, an SI would look for vendors with leading edge tools, momentum in the marketplace and market presence. Simply put, an SI looks for emerging leaders in the space.

Cognizant Technology Solutions and SmartBear recently established a formal partnership that embodies these ideas.

Cognizant is a leading global systems integrator with a testing practice of more than 35,000 technology professionals. Few compare with the level and depth of their expertise in software quality assurance services. SmartBear, with its focus on delivering the best software quality tools on the market, compliments Cognizant in ways that no other tool vendor can.

The combination of SmartBear’s world class test automation and API quality tools with Cognizant’s deep delivery expertise ensures a superlative customer experience, faster time to market and enhanced business continuity.

Ultimately, the success (or lack thereof) of a partnership like this is measured by the success of our shared customers. When our combined offerings deliver value greater than we could drive individually, and when that value drives competitive advantage to our customers at an industrial scale, that’s when we can call it a success.

Both Cognizant and SmartBear mean to make this partnership a success.

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