What is Quality to Me?
Test and Monitor | Posted February 27, 2013

At SmartBear, we talk a lot about the importance of quality products. But what does the word "quality" really mean? Is it a subjective trait? And how can anyone strive to achieve high quality without first understanding what that term actually entails? Over the next few weeks, we invite you to join us as we explore the meaning of the word "quality," and try to understand the role it plays in our everyday lives. In this post, Niclas Reimertz, business manager at SmartBear-Sweden, elaborates on his lifelong obsession with quality.

Deep within my heart, I don’t actually see quality as something subjective; I actually see it as an objective property in the object itself as something that really is there. Maybe logically it’s not there, but it’s just that use-people are so often in agreement about what is quality and what isn’t, and the agreement is eerily spot on. We all seems to know and agree what quality is, independent of background, knowledge and preferences. It seems to me that this is one of the qualities (or attributes) of everything is Quality (with a capital Q).

And what Kano and others meant when they said that quality is “products and services that meet or exceed customers” expectations is just an attempt at describing that wonderful yummy purple feeling you have when you meat actual Quality. Because we all know it, right?

When a piece of software interacts with you seamlessly. Or when you slip on that pair of jeans and it just feels right. Or when you hear a song that eases into your consciousness like it was written just for you…



I am obsessed with Quality, and my lifelong obsession with it is what has led me into the field of QLM and, more specifically, to SmartBear. I don’t see Quality and testing as the same thing at all, of course, but we’re still very close to that magic Quality in the testing community; what we do is remove all obstacles for enjoying (or even discovering) the true Quality of software.

We’re making sure we remove the bumps and lumps in the software so that finally there’s only Quality left. We can’t assure Quality, the notion is oversimplified and dangerous, but we can highlight it and allow it to shine in all its glory.



The best moments in my life are when we’ve created true Quality ourselves in the SoapUI team… We’ve pushed hard together to get a feature out, totally engrossed in our work, unable to see clearly what we’ve done, if it holds together, if its’ good enough. And suddenly you lift your gaze, see what you’ve done more clearly and whammo! It hits you! You accomplished it!



About the author:

Niclas's story in technology and qualityis the one that spans 15 years in business leadership and completely obsessing over the concept of quality. 

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