What Does it Mean to be a Boston Geek?
Test and Monitor | Posted October 10, 2013

If there is one thing I know about pure geeks, it's that they are technology lovers. They are typically the hardcore, math-loving, STEM rock stars that can build an API for anything and everything under the sun. The pocket protector might be so 40 years ago, but it was replaced by ironic jokes about Big Data and a mild aversion for Facebook addicts that perpetually share selfies and cat memes.

When we began asking the question, “What Kind of Geek Are You?” around the planning tables of Boston TechJam 2013, it was a struggle. It forces you to ask yourself, “Do those eight word search apps on my phone make me a word geek?” How about my fascination and love for fruit bats? Is my obsession with growing the perfect tomato garden every year geeky?

The truth is, being involved in Boston TechJam on behalf of SmartBear brought to light my own inner-geek.

I grew up in a home where everyone cried when the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series. I had more My walls were covered with Larry Bird posters, rather than any of the passing teen idols. My parents bought extra milk every time snow was in the forecast. One of my first dates with my now-husband was North End pizza. My kids have grown up at Fenway, they consider hearty clam chowder to be a part of their staple diet, and I have pictures of each of them walking alongside the “Make Way for Ducklings” in Boston Public Garden.

What makes me a geek is my love for Boston.

The beauty of the inaugural Boston TechJam wasn’t just the celebration of techies and innovators around the Hub. It was a celebration of a city so rich in education, tradition and individuality that many of its residents come here for an education and stay for life.

Boston’s world of technology grows thanks to an established angel and venture capital community willing to help Boston start-ups thrive. The city is filled with world-class learning institutions, top notch teaching hospitals and a diverse economy that supports all pillars of business.

People watching at TechJam was everything that makes Boston beautiful – the unique melting pot of cultures, tastes, perspectives, and insights. From high heels and rock bands, to flip flops and Mario Kart 64, the event offered something for everything. Billed as Boston’s tech block party, attendance alone can speak to the success. In its first year, Boston TechJam was filled to capacity and had to turn unregistered folks away.

SmartBear seized the moment to celebrate our love for geeks. We know better than anyone that while software isn’t always glamorous, it is the lifeblood of today’s world. From our big Geek bear, to our Geek by SmartBear tees, to the Boston Geek pins we all donned, we proved no one loves geeks like SmartBear.

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