What Are You Waiting For? SmartBear Helps You Consider Alternatives to Micro Focus/HPE Tools
Test and Monitor | Posted March 20, 2018

It’s been 24 hours since the news of Micro Focus’ value plummeting almost 50% in one day following Chris Hsu’s departure; and now Micro Focus customers and prospects are asking one important question, what does this mean for me?  

What’s Been Going On?  

Since the Micro Focus/HPE spin merger almost 6 months ago, here is this week’s news:   

  • Revenue is expected to fall anywhere between 6-9%, way lower than the 2-4% decline predicted in January 2018.  
  • Chris Hsu, CEO of Micro Focus, has resigned and Stephen Murdoch, Micro Focus’ chief operating officer has become the new CEO.  
  • Kevin Loosemore, chairman of Micro Focus, states “Clearly we have let people down with this execution and we have to rebuild that trust.”  
  • Shares fell more than 50% on Monday, after the company made the above announcements.  

What Does This Mean for You?  

Not only are their financial numbers plunging, but also questions continue to surface about overlapping assets such as Silk Test and Unified Functional Testing (UFT), investment in innovative features and products, and availability of support. For these reasons, and more, we’re here to tell you that there’s no reason to wait anymore. We know change is tough—but SmartBear is here to make the transition as effortless as possible and we’ve already helped customers to do so.

SmartBear provides a portfolio of software quality testing tools to cover the entire software development lifecycle—from application development, through testing, and operations. Our goal is to help teams create great software faster than ever. Over 6.5 million users have adopted our tools today and that may have you asking—what makes SmartBear unique?  

  • Open-Source Innovator—As the creators of Swagger and SoapUI, SmartBear is invested in continuous innovation and working with the open-source community.   
  • Flexible Product Portfolio—SmartBear provides a flexible product portfolio to easily adapt to all your testing needs throughout the entire software development lifecycle.   
  • Seamless Integrations—With over 100 integrations including Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, and Visual Studio, SmartBear products are all open and adaptable to working with tools you are already using.  
  • Know the SmartBear Team—From trial through purchase and beyond, we will support you every step of the way. Whether that’s getting assigned a dedicated customer success representative, discussing with the product team potential improvements, or working with our support engineers, you will always get the answers to your questions.  
  • Getting Started Couldn’t be EasierSmartBear products are all available with a free trial including complete access to our team of engineers for support or migration discussions. Additionally, SmartBear provides academy classes for free, has an active community where questions are answered by other testers in 24 hours, and great documentation—most users get up and running without even needing to talk to an engineer!  

What are you waiting for? Try us out and see for yourself! All of our products come with a free trial and we’d love to help you get back to creating great software, faster than ever.  

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