Website Monitoring - Why S&S Worldwide Switched from Gomez to AlertSite
Test and Monitor | Posted March 23, 2012

Like most mid-size retail companies, S&S Worldwide does not have an unlimited IT budget. But for S&S, providing a mediocre online shopping experience is not an option. On Tuesday, S&S will join us in a case study-style Webinar to discuss why it made the jump from Gomez to AlertSite for Website monitoring, and reduced IT costs in the process.

When: Tuesday, March 27th, 1:00 p.m. ET

About: S&S Worldwide is an online retailer that delivers fun, hands-on learning products including arts and crafts (brands like Crayola® and Elmers®), games and activities, sporting goods and therapy products to recreation, health care and education professionals.

Join Carrie Coy, Director of Web & Technical Services for S&S Worldwide, and Ken Godskind, VP of Monitoring Products at SmartBear AlertSite, to learn what online retailers with limited IT resources can do to ensure quality Web experiences for their users without breaking the bank.

In this Webinar, you will learn why S&S switched monitoring vendors and how they:

  • Successfully launched a new, more content-rich website to elevate their brand image without sacrificing performance
  • Ensure customers can successfully access their site, search for and purchase items by easily creating monitoring scripts using AlertSite
  • Enforce SLAs with third-party vendors--responsible for more than 30 percent of their page content
  • Will understand true user experiences by leveraging AlertSite's new metrics for perceived response time (DOM Load and Page Load)


Register today for the Webinar: Ensuring Quality User Experiences on a Budget, and learn how a small IT operation can provide superior online shopping experiences on a limited budget.





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