Using Tools or Being Tools?

On May 23 we had our first SoapUI user conference, MeetUI, at our office in Stockholm, Sweden. Apart from some great sessions from our speakers, we also had a fishbowl-type panel discussion.

In this kind of discussion, there is always one seat open on the stage that anyone from the audience was allowed to snatch, if they feel they wanted to join the debate. If a person at MeetUI wanted to grab the open seat, it also meant that one of the original panel members had to step off the stage to make sure there is always another seat up for grabs.

The panel discussion centered around the idea of, "Using Tools or Being Tools," and brought up the question whether or not testers are overusing the testing tools. Is there a “tool-frenzy” happening, and is it adding unnecessary complexity to the testing process?

At the same time it was also discussed whether or not developers are underutilizing tools. Some argue that developers spend too much time coding for problems that tools can solve with the click of a button. Is there any middle ground to be found in these two statements?

Some of the people who grabbed a seat included Niclas Reimertz and Ole Lensmar, co-founders of SoapUI; Kristian Karl, test manager at Spotify; Peter Antman, Agile guru and one of the earlier committers to JBoss; and several more. Watch the recorded video of the panel discussion in the video below:

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