Unprepared Geeks – "I Told You So…"
Test and Monitor | Posted February 19, 2013

Unprepared Geeks is SmartBear’s bi-weekly video-podcast about all things tech and quality. Tag along as the people behind soapUI and loadUI get together and discuss recent events, gadgets, and hot topics in the world of quality.



Today Henrik Johansson, Erik Yverling, Niclas Reimertz, and Henrik Olsson discuss:

00:40 – Facebook plugin crashes and brings down CNN, Huffington Post and more.

Niclas claims that his prediction for 2013 has already started to come true – the failure of major APIs on the web. The group discusses whether or defensive coding, as argued in a blogpost a few days ago, is the answer.

07:25 – Three often neglected skills needed by Agile Developers

In this blogpost Steve Berczuk explains, what he feels is, three often neglected skills that are needed by Agile developers these days – people-skills, naming and continuous learning. Do we agree?

14:31– Marry, Boink, Kill

The team throws their verdict on a few of the latest events, gadgets, and topics and decide which ones, if forced, they would marry, boink, and kill.

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Photo credit: Painefully.blogspot.com


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