Unprepared Geeks – "Google: Peace, Love, and a Free Internet?"
Test and Monitor | Posted December 07, 2012

Unprepared Geeks is SmartBear’s biweekly video-podcast about all things tech and quality. Tag along as the people behind soapUI and loadUI get together and discuss recent events, gadgets, and hot topics.

Today Niclas Reimertz Erik Yverling, Ulrika Park and Mattias Naeselius discuss:


00:29 – Google warns about UN Summits impact on Internet freedom

Is Google, a privately owned company, really working for more “Internet freedom”? Who should set the rules and regulations for the Internet?

5:55 – Is selling software bugs to third-parties morally correct?

Instead of informing the developer of a product about bug findings, people today have the option of selling it to larger companies and government agencies. Whilst legal, is this morally correct? Are software developers also entitled to bug findings in their software?

13:02– Marry, Boink, Kill

The team throws their verdict on a few of the latest events, gadgets and topics, and decide which ones (if forced) they would marry, boink and kill. Personas, sketches, wireframes – GO!

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