Unprepared Geeks – "2013 Predictions"
Test and Monitor | Posted January 04, 2013

Unprepared Geeks is SmartBear’s bi-weekly video-podcast about all things tech and quality. Tag along as the people behind SoapUI and LoadUI get together and discuss recent events, gadgets, and hot topics in the world of quality.

Just like last episode, today will also be a special. Since we’re just starting the new year, what better way to celebrate than a few 2013 predictions?

Henrik Olsson, Erik Yverling, Niclas Reimertz, and Henrik Johansson each predict one thing they think will happen in 2013, one they really hope won't (but might) and one they would really like to see.

So what are their predictions? The end of a social network, huge web attacks, safer credit cards and hopes of a huge fight between Michael Bolton and James Bach, amongst others. Watch the episode and find out!

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