How to Turn a SoapUI NG Pro Test into an API Production Monitor
Test and Monitor | Posted February 09, 2015

At SmartBear, we know that ensuring API quality is absolutely critical in modern software delivery— we are after all, the creators of SoapUI NG, the #1 API testing tool in the world. As the creators of the industry-leading performance monitoring solution, AlertSite UXM, we also know a thing or two about performance, and that just like applications, APIs not only need to be tested in pre-production, but also monitored in production in order identify and fix API performance issues before they impact end users. And so, when we pondered this a couple years ago while holding the world’s leading API testing tool in one hand, and a top performance monitoring solution in the other, we of course decided to clap.

The result, of course, is AlertSite UXM for API Monitoring. With this new capability software teams can monitor the performance of both internal and 3rd party APIs in production from over 80 locations around the world, and get real-time alerts at the first sign of performance degradation so you can nip the problem in the bud before it effects your users. And get this—you can use the same functional test scripts created in SoapUI or SoapUI NG Pro to monitor in production! And it’s EASY!

How easy? We recorded this quick 2-minute video below so you can see for yourself!

So for those of you that think you might want to try monitoring your APIs, here is a recap of the steps to go from functional test script built in SoapUI NG Pro, part of the Ready! API platform, to a performance monitor in AlertSite UXM:

1. Create a project in SoapUI NG Pro, with the endpoint you want to test. In this example we will use

2. Create an assertion to validate that the response contains the correct variable. For example the name of a station

3. Submit the request to be sure that the information is actually returned in the response. (The assertion is what lets you not only see that the API is up and running, but also returning the expected response.)

4. Export the project to a zip file.

5. Go to the AlertSite UXM dashboard and select "new monitor"

6. Browse for the zip file you saved select and upload it

7. Name the project something logical. For this example we chose "irish rail"

8. Select "Test on demand" to verify that it runs and you have an API monitor

Voila! Happy Monitoring.

Monitor your APIs for FREE by starting a free trial of AlertSite UXM today!


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