3 Trends the E-Commerce Industry Can’t Ignore in 2016

IRCE is the largest e-commerce trade show in the industry. Spanning over 250,000 sq feet, it hosts over 100,000 attendees, 600 vendors, and 200+ speakers over the span of four days in the city of Chicago.

Everyone who is even remotely related to e-commerce is excited about the show, its opportunities, and the quality of discussion that will be taking place. Everything from digital marketing to user experience, SEO, and conversion will be discussed at the show. Attendees will get to see best of breed e-commerce solutions and technology vendors in action.

Myself and the rest of the SmartBear team are at IRCE this week. I’m looking forward to some great discussions about the role of performance monitoring for e-commerce businesses. I’m also excited to attend sessions to learn from experts from the world of e-commerce. As we kickoff this year’s event, I wanted to share some trends I expect to standout at this year’s show:

E-commerce beyond retail

E-commerce is growing at a rate of 17% per year. But unfortunately its stereotyped as an online version of the retail industry. It is much more than that. This Gartner report laid out various industries, based on their e-commerce potential. You can see that traditional industries such as mining, agriculture, government, and education are also moving their strategy to e-commerce.

Ecommerce Beyond Retail

It’s time that we understand the true breadth and depth of e-commerce and its scope across almost all industries. I’ve had this conversation with my peers numerous times, and those who understand the e-commerce industry definitely agree that it is well beyond retail.

One of SmartBear’s AlertSite customers, a feed manufacturing and shipping company, identifies themselves as e-commerce as they do business online, globally. In this year’s IRCE, I’d like to hear how non-retail industries are doing e-commerce, what are their unique challenges, and even more unique solutions to those challenges?

Tips and tricks to effective m-commerce

We all know that mobile is taking over the world. Today there are over 2.6 billion smartphone subscribers globally. The number is expected to grow to 6.1 billion by 2020. Two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones. For a majority of the mobile users in developing countries, such as India and Brazil, mobile devices are the first entry point to the online world.

According to a recent Think with Google report, websites in the United States saw a 20% increase in mobile’s share of online sessions in the last year alone. Mobile conversion rates shot up by 29%.

Unfortunately, the report also found that the instant satisfaction on mobile device can also lead to instant frustration, when the app or the website doesn’t let the consumer do what they wish to in desired time.

  • Only 9% of users will stay on a mobile site or app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs.
  • 66% of consumers will take actions that have some negative impact on the brand.
  • 29% users will immediately go to another company’s mobile site or app for what they need.

At this year’s IRCE, I’d like to hear more about m-commerce, what works and what doesn’t on mobile, and how we can go past the theory and actually start improving the mobile e-commerce experience for our end users.

IT and Marketing alignment – recipe for e-commerce success

Providing a high quality e-commerce experience – that is customer ready 24x7 – requires a strong alignment among all stakeholders responsible for an organizations success. Specifically, organizations need strong alignment with those who drive traffic and those who handle it.

From marketing to procurement and IT Operations to distribution, everyone should be prepared to ‘handle the success’. However small or large companies alike are vulnerable to unforeseen issues during peak traffic season. I would like to hear about such vulnerabilities and tips and tricks to avoid them. I would like to hear about how marketing and IT can be “BFFs” to drive and convert more traffic to the e-commerce site.

Come meet the Software Team at IRCE

I’d love to hear what you are looking forward to at IRCE. The SmartBear team is showcasing AlertSite, our proactive monitoring platform that brings visibility and performance peace to e-commerce brands. Stop by to hear about how top e-commerce brands use AlertSite to provide stellar user experience across their online assets.

We will be at SmartBear AlertSite booth #2122, come say hi!



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