Top 5 Reasons to Use TestComplete According to Our Users
Test and Monitor | Posted September 29, 2017

Are you considering making the switch to automated testing? We know that it can be challenging to make this transition. You’ll have to figure out how much your organization will benefit from automation, what tool to use, and more.

Then why deal with the hassle? Take a look at what automation and TestComplete can do for you, as told by our customers!

  1. It’s easy-to-use.

Anyone can use TestComplete successfully, even those who do not know any code.

“Building tests or structuring your library is very easy,” said a QA Analyst for government relations, “Even first time users have no problems understanding what to do.”

  1. It’s reliable.

Don’t waste time worrying about whether your automation tool is doing its job! Instead, invest in a tool that will do the work for you.

“TestComplete is the most stable tool I have ever had to do this job,” said Eric Kabuss of Baloise Group’s IT Governance department.

  1. It’s fast!

Manual testing is time consuming.

TestComplete always tests everything and accomplishes the task much faster - even factoring in the time it takes to update tests when the interface is changed,” said a Director in Research & Development in computer software.

  1. It’ll save you time. 

What with the rise of Agile and today’s ever-shortening development timelines, who isn’t looking for a little bit of extra time in the day?

“What used to take over 3 weeks now takes 3 days thanks to TestComplete,” says a computer software engineer.

  1. You’ll be supported. 

You’ll never need to spend hours trying to answer your own questions with TestComplete! We have a variety of ways that you can get help from our experts.

“TestComplete provides good support, including an extensive forum, plus a short response time for additional issues,” said Lisa Lindow, Senior Quality Test Engineer at LexisNexis.

Learn more from our customers and start a free trial of TestComplete today!