Top 10 Hacker Movies of All Time
Test and Monitor | Posted November 22, 2012

A good-hearted but mischievous teenager tries to impress his small group of friends by hacking into a giant corporation's mainframe, but accidentally gets trapped inside a computer program where he has to out-hack an evil genius while fighting off a team of slick-suited government agents.

If you couldn't tell, I'm currently in the middle of a cyberpunk movie spree. Seriously though, can you blame me? How can you not love the catastrophical intensity, nostalgic corniness, and unbelievably epic hacking scenes.

In an effort to satisfy my cravings, I decided to put together a list of the top hacker/gamer/cyberpunk movies of all time. Yes it's a loose genre, but oh what a genre it is! After getting some input from folks around the SmartBear office, I came up with the beautiful list you see below. I will say, though, even among us SmartBears, it was basically impossible to draw the line on movies that should be included on the list, let alone rank them from 1-10.

Now that I've done my part, it's time for you to do yours. Are you happy with the list I put together, or do you agree with Greg from sales and think it's outrageous that "Swordfish" was left out? "What about Johnny Mnemonic!?" you may be asking. Well, there are two ways that you can help improve this list.

  1. allows you to vote each film up or down, or you can add your own favorite movie to the list.
  2. Don't want to register for No problem. Go ahead and leave a comment below to give your feedback.

So, without further ado, here's SmartBear's list of the Top 10 Hacker/Programmer Movies of all time:

[listly id="2N7" layout="full"]

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