Tools of the Mad (Load Testing) Scientist - How to Take Over the World

I often met with the Doctor in his very unassuming lab off of Route 128 on the North Shore of Massachusetts. I frequently bribed him with homemade cookies in order to get him to lower his guarded nature and give me a bit of insight into the projects he was working on. The Doctor had been obsessed forever with the concept of a bullet-proof website, and had often told me that his dream was to never be caught in a situation for which his site or his infrastructure had not been fully tested.

Though brilliant, he was indeed quite mad for load testing.

“For instance, I have developed an insidious way of running my load testing software from complexes located across the globe!  I install my software on a device that looks like a single cup coffeemaker,  have my minions sneak it into the locations, and from there I use them as platforms to run tests against my website from the outside," he said giddily told me, his hands clasped in feverish joy.

“It can take me weeks to find suitable remote locations that I can penetrate, and sometimes the cleaning people turn off the coffeemaker before I am done, so I have to start all over again,  but once I have that load test generator  in place there,  I can pound my front end and server with the traffic I select!  Just think, I can simulate traffic from the same places my real users will come from!  It's PERFECT. This technology will allow me to rule the world with my website!”

I almost didn’t have the heart to tell the Doctor that LoadUIWeb Pro had already developed just what he was discussing, and that it was included in their product - commonly known as the Cloud Testing feature.  However, knowing his great mind could be better utilized thinking of other great things, I opened my own PC to show him.

“Doctor, why spend weeks trying to find the right system to use?  I can select a location in the cloud with a couple clicks in a dialogue, and LoadUIWeb Pro selects, reserves, and configures up a load generator for me, and transfers my tests over there automatically!  Oh, and when my load test is over, LoadUIWeb Pro shuts down the cloud generators for me, I don’t even have to worry about uninstalling the instances”


“Hmmm,” the Doctor pensively stroked his chin, “no evidence left behind….” But then he jumped back up. “But my way, I can run from many DISTANT locations all at once!”

“LoadUIWeb Pro can run from virtually as many cloud machines as you want, see?  And what’s great is that you simply pick how many virtual users you want to test with and from what location in the world, and the product will automatically start up the right number of instances!”  I showed him on my screen:

[caption id="attachment_13463" align="aligncenter" width="600"]run-this-load-test Run a single load test from various places across the world with LoadUIWeb Pro[/caption]

“But what about my load testing data," he shot back. "MY software streams data back to me, and then I feed it in to the complex algorithms I developed that can take that data and crunch it down. I can have full results in 24 hours” He crossed his arms and beamed at me, his ice-blue eyes daring me to not concede to the absolute genius of his solution.

“Doctor, LoadUIWeb Pro automatically creates reports for each test run.  Look at this, not only does it show you the aggregate performance data for the test, but it can even break down the key indicators by region.  All the data is contained in a log file too, so you can go back and create custom charts showing the data that YOU want to see, as YOU want to see it.”


I then showed the Doctor

All I got in reply was a “hmmph,” as he snagged another cookie.

Want to take a deeper look inside the mind of the mad scientist? Tune in later this week to find out how he plans to create an unpredictable, Frankenstein-like load test profile that should scare even the most secure website.

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