The Rebirth of Twitter's API
Test and Monitor | Posted June 11, 2013

Remember last year when Twitter caused a big controversy by announcing that their new API  strategy would include a 100,000 user limit? Well, today is the day that Twitter API v1.0 is finally being laid to rest. While it was the user limit that made big news back in the fall of 2012, Twitter is also making some  bold statements with some of the changes they've made in this version, such as dropping support for everything except JSON and requiring applications to authenticate all of their requests with OAuth 1.0a.

The Slideshare presentation below takes a look back at some other popular APIs that have met their demise, gives an overview of what's new with Twitter's API v1.1, and provides information on how to protect yourself (and your app) from being negatively impacted by these kinds of changes in the future.

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