The Performance Mindset: The Messages Have Been Received
Test and Monitor | Posted February 26, 2014

Some related messages that we performance testers have been communicating for a few years might finally be getting heard!  The most prominent of those messages being:

  • Test early, test often
  • Performance testing is not an event, it is a process
  • Integrate performance testing at every phase of the development process

How do I know that these messages are being heard and acted upon?  While I don't have knowledge of the testing habits of all performance testing customers around the world, I am able to detect a trend within the SmartBear customer base. From what I've seen, that trend over the last year or two has been heading toward:

  • More tests earlier in the year, with follow-up testing scheduled for a later date.
  • More before and after testing
  • Increased questions regarding unit and component testing
  • Increased interest in testing packages (multiple tests over time)

I see all of this as very positive!  If issues are caught early, ample time is available to resolve them.  Also, by running a series of tests over time, you are able to fix many more bottlenecks and more positively affect the performance and scalability of your application(s).

I must admit, it's still early in the year and possibly too early to reach conclusions about how well customers will do when crunch time arrives – but the early indications are positive!

Please contact us if you are interested in getting an early start this year!

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