The Geek Girl Imperative

Last week, SmartBear alumna Lorinda Brandon gave an powerful and insightful keynote address at Degfragcon 2013. I wasn't only drawn to this conversation because Lorinda is a former colleague and friend, but because I've seen first-hand the passion and unique take that she has for this specific topic.

Considering the positive response it got on the conference's hashtag hours and days after her session, I thought it would be fitting to continue this conversation beyond the stage of the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado. Take a look at my summary of Lorinda's presentation below:

What do you think? Are women-only groups helping or hurting the cause? Might we be sending mixed messages to young women who may be interested in the software industry? And will having a more positive attitude make a difference, or is there a more fundamental issue here?  Comment below to give your thoughts.

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