The Best Tools in Life are Free
Test and Monitor | Posted February 21, 2013

Earlier today at the API Strategy Conference, we announced our new freeware initiative, which is designed to give developers and testers worldwide a new option for free, high-quality tools. Building on our SoapUI open source community, and the other five free tools we currently offer, this new project is focused on providing programmers and QAs with more tools at a price they can all afford - free.

We recognize that the software industry is undergoing a radical shift in the sense that businesses are now sharing their data and functionality via Open APIs, often for free. In fact, businesses are even inviting the developer community to come together in hackathons to build apps and mashups using their APIs.

In a nutshell, we think this is awesome. 

In fact, the whole point of this initiative is to promote that idea by expanding on the free tools and plug-ins that we already offer in order to empower this collaborative community of developers to create high-quality, low-cost (or free) offerings of their own.

I'll leave you with a couple freeware FAQs that will, hopefully, give you a little more information about what we are hoping to achieve with this new project. 


Q: What is SmartBear’s Freeware Initiative?

A: Freeware is not new to us. In fact, our LoadUI was the first enterprise-ready free performance testware, and today we have seven freeware tools. Instead, this Freeware Initiative is a company-wide effort to expand on what free tools we share with our community, making them easily available for a wider audience around the world, and rolling out new ones on a regular basis in the coming months.


I got mine for freeQ: What does this Freeware Initiative mean to SmartBear?

A: SmartBear’s mission is to make the lives of developers and testers better. This initiative reinforces this mission. By putting more quality tools in the hands of millions developers worldwide for free, we're looking to enhance software development worldwide.  


Q: What are the benefits to the development community?

A: Our wide-range of tools already helps businesses of all sizes improve the quality and performance of their software and websites. Expanding our line of free tools extends this value proposition further by providing development communities with an equally extensive set of tools completely free of charge.


Q: Where can I review your Freeware offerings?

A: Just go to Make sure to check back periodically because we will be adding new freeware products on a regular basis.


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