Thank You
Test and Monitor | Posted November 25, 2008

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to say "thank you" to all the people behind the open-source technologies that I use every day. Most, if not all, of my interaction with these projects has been in the form of criticism through bug reports. I hope all my bug reports have been taken in the constructive spirit in which they were offered, but I know that sometimes that gets "lost in technology". So, in this post, I'm taking a break from criticism and offering simple gratitude to the following projects:

  • Firefox: What a great browser and improving all the time.

  • Java: The language, the VM and the community.

  • Eclipse: The Java IDE and the platform.

  • Tomcat: My servlet container of choice.

  • Apache Commons: If you think it should be in the Java class library and it's not, check Apache Commons next.

  • Ext JS: A great Javascript/Ajax library.

  • Firebug: The browser plugin that makes Ajax development possible.

  • MySQL: The database and all the tools to go with it.

There are more; perhaps too many to list. If you're out there working on software and making it available to others, thank you too.

Thanks everybody!


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