TestLeft 10-Min Demo
Easily Generate Object Models with TestLeft from your Desktop
Test and Monitor | Posted September 26, 2018

TestLeft is an automated UI test framework for creating and running functional tests for Windows desktop and Web applications from Smartbear. TestLeft allows you to easily generate object models in as little as two-clicks. This step-by-step guide will help automatically generate a domain specific language for your application from your desktop.

In order to do this demo, please download a free 30-day trial of TestLeft.

Step 1: Open your webpage.

For this demo, you can download a sample web order form.

Step 2: Launch TestLeft UI Spy.

TestLeft can be accessed through an IDE or it can be accessed through your desktop with the TestLeft UI Spy.

Step 3: Activate the Object Recognition engine.

Select Pick Object. Hover over your screen, and the UI Spy will pick up the individual objects

Step 4: Select your object.

  1. For a single object: Drop your object in the TestLeft UI Spy. You will now see a screenshot of the object, methods and property sources, and object tree of the object. Copy Identification and all the code all the identification code you will need to interact with the object.

  1. For the entire model: Select Copy Model in the TestLeft UI Spy. This will copy the all the models for the page.

Step 5: Specify your criteria.

You can choose your language, what you want to do with the driver or process, and adjust line breaks.

Step 6: Paste your code.

It gives you browser, reference the website, and all identification code you will need to interact with the object. The code is also editable, so if there are additional identifiers you know of, you can add it in.

Next Steps:

TestLeft is an interface to an object recognition engine. It allows you to use your object recognition in your IDE of your choice such as Visual Studios, Eclipse, and IntelliJ. It allow you to interact with the application you are intending to test and quickly import identifiers for the object model of your application to your IDE and builds the code for you. There is no need for expansive searches, discovery of aspects of your DOM, and excess click.

Download a 30-day free-trial to start scaling and extending your code today.


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