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TestComplete ranked as the only 'Leader' for Test Automation Software
Test and Monitor | Posted August 13, 2018

Online reviews can be a double-edged sword for a company. You can discover your next brand ambassador, an advocate for your company that loves your product, support, and company or you can unveil a product flaw. Nevertheless, online reviews by real users provide your future customers an avenue to get an insight into your product or service without the trouble of a potential bad experience. They also give customers the extra encouragement and trust in your product. A study showed that consumers are also likely to spend 31 percent more on a business with excellent reviews. Our users take reviews very seriously and therefore, we at SmartBear, take them just as seriously. We factor them into our messaging, we use them as a resource when deciding the next product feature, and we reply back when we can to show that we care.

Trust your fellow testers on G2 Crowd

Especially when it comes to technology, there are countless sites that give users an outlet to share their experience with the product and company. G2 Crowd, leading peer-to-peer review platform for technology software, has more than 1000,000 reviews and receives more than 3,000 reviews per month, making it a great resource if you are looking for a test automation tool like TestComplete. Potential customers can get an honest perspective on what is great about the tool as well as what areas require improvement.


TestComplete is ranked significantly higher than other testing tools

I recently did an analysis on reviews and ratings across top online reviews sites for software testing tools, looking at over 300 customer testimonials. TestComplete, our UI functional testing tool, has the highest rating and 5 times as many reviews compared to our competitors on both G2 Crowd and TrustRadius, another peer-to-peer review site for test automation tools. In fact, G2 Crowd ranked TestComplete as the only UI testing platform as a Leader for Test Automation Software. TestComplete has been named a Leader based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a large market presence. In fact, 94% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars and users said they would be likely to recommend TestComplete at a rate of 87%.


TestComplete users love TestComplete

It is clear from online reviews TestComplete users love TestComplete. Not only are online reviews a resource to gauge the productivity of the tool, but also a means to capitalize all viable use cases for test automation in your organization. Here are some of my recent favorite reviews:

Sample Use Case 1: To Script or Not to Script; TestComplete is for All Users

“It is easy to learn TestComplete. The keyword scripts are there to help you start. Once you become more advanced you can develop smarter tests by writing code. There is an extensive documentation online, if you are still lost, SmartBear support is quick to resolve your issues. Equally important also is code reuse, we have created standalone libraries which we can reference in any new TestComplete project. Reliability is an important factor, with TestComplete running your tests again holds no surprises for you.” – Rawane M

Sample Use Case 2: Test Graphical Controls with TestComplete

“The possibility to reference each graphical control by its name using the "Object browser" tool is really interesting. Even if the control's size, color or the X Y coordinates change between versions of your target application, TestComplete finds it every time and that makes my scripts very reliable.

The possibility to write your scripts in Keyword (for basic users) or in VBScripts for advanced users make this tool very powerful, anyone can create his script and become operational really fast whatever his knowledge. More you can use both Keyword and VBScripts methods in the same project!” – Claudon G.

Sample Use Case 3: Optimize TestComplete with Distributed Testing and Cross-platform Testing
TestComplete is well-organized and presented, and very accessible. It allows tests to be written in several languages and written as keyword tests which require no coding. The object repository is extremely flexible and powerful yet easy to use. Distributed testing is powerful and inexpensive to implement with the TestExecute add-on or use of CrossBrowserTesting add-on feature. Build or buy? My choice is buy when there's a tool like TestComplete available at a reasonable cost.” – Heath H

If you are a company, customer, or a potential user, don’t underestimate online reviews. Leverage what your fellow testers have to say on G2 Crowd to get started with test automation quickly, uncover use cases, and validate TestComplete.

About TestComplete

TestComplete is a UI functional testing tool for quality assurance teams that makes it fast and easy to automate UI tests across desktop, web, and mobile applications, so you can increase test coverage and ensure you ship high-quality, battle-tested software. Unlike our competitors, TestComplete provides the most accurate and customizable object repository so you can create complex and scalable automated UI tests in seconds. SmartBear also provides other tools that can be integrated with TestComplete to extend and accelerate cross-platform testing. With CrossBrowserTesting, mobile testers can scale tests across 1,500 real devices and browsers, and with SoapUI Pro, testers can easily create automated tests for APIs that power mobile and single page apps.

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