TestComplete 8.7 - Web Testing with Google Chrome and More Support for RIAs
Test and Monitor | Posted January 10, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone!

We start the year with a bang, as we have just announced the release of TestComplete 8.7, a new minor release of TestComplete 8. There are a number of cool new things included in the release, which you, I'm sure, are just as excited to hear about.

Most of the updates concern testing of Web applications and rich internet applications (RIA). With a drumroll, ... we now support Google Chrome, along with all the current versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can record and replay tests under Chrome, with support for multiple browser windows, tabs, and frames. Chrome support does not include RIAs just yet, so please stay tuned for further updates on testing Flash/ Flex/Silverlight with Chrome.

Support for Firefox 7 and 8 (previously available as downloadable patches) is built into version 8.7. Yes, work on supporting Firefox 9 is already underway, and we will be releasing a patch for it soon, within a month from FF9 release. Specifically for Firefox, the browser UI elements can now be accessed with the UIPage :: EvaluateXPath method, which makes test scripting more convenient and uniform.

Another piece of good news is cross browser testing in TestComplete just got easier. While previously we supported only reusing Web tests within the browser line (say, for all versions of Firefox), now you can re-purpose existing tests to run under different browsers using conditional name mapping. We will be publishing expanded content on this capability soon.

TestComplete remains the leading tool for testing Adobe rich internet applications (RIAs), including updated support for the latest versions: Flash 11, Flex 4.6, and AIR 3.

Other notable updates for Windows applications include:

  • New support for the latest Developer Express, Telerik, Infragistics, and Syncfusion controls
  • New options for DLL loading

Please visit the What's New in TestComplete 8.7 page for more details.


Join us on Thursday, January 26th at 1 p.m. ET for the Webinar, Cross Browser Testing with TestComplete 8.7.

If you haven’t tried TestComplete yet, download it now for free.

If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to leave them below this post or start a separate discussion on the  TestComplete forum.

Let all your tests pass!


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