TestComplete 7 Survey – Make Your Choice!
Test and Monitor | Posted January 17, 2008

Dear friends,

AutomatedQA is working on the next version of TestComplete - version 7. We are adding a lot of new powerful features and will make TestComplete even more easy-to-use than it is now.

In version 7, we would like to extend support for various third-party controls used to create .NET, Windows and Java applications, but we would like you to know that adding support for some components may be time-consuming. That's why we are asking you to take part in our short survey and help us set a priority. We will analyze the requests and focus our efforts on providing support for the most popular controls, chosen by you, the customer. We simply need your opinion!

Please, follow the link below and choose the most important controls, libraries and applications from the list:


We are looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you,


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