TestComplete 6 Sneak Peek: Object Browser Improvements
Test and Monitor | Posted August 28, 2007

TestComplete 6 is currently under development, the information contained in this article is not final and may change at any time.

The Object Browser panel is one of TestComplete’s key elements. In the browser you examine the processes and objects to find which properties, fields, methods and events are available to TestComplete. The Object Browser was improved in TestComplete 6 to provide you with a more convenient way to explore your tested application.

In the upcoming TestComplete 6, the Object Browser now has a new toolbar that controls what processes are currently displayed in the object tree. The buttons of this toolbar extend the process filter concept that was introduced in previous versions. Each of them shows or hides certain types of processes:

  • - Displays only the applications from the Tested Applications project item or all other available processes.
  • - Displays the processes launched by the current user or by any user accounts.
  • - Displays or hides system processes and services.
  • - Displays or hides invisible processes and objects. An object is called invisible if its Visible property is set to False. A process is called invisible if it contains only invisible objects.
  • - Displays the Process Filter dialog, where you can select which processes should be visible.

With the help of this toolbar you can tune the Object Browser to display only those processes which you really need. This also increases the performance of TestComplete, as it retrieves a smaller amount of data from the applications that are filtered out.

We have also made an improvement to the browser’s Object Properties Pane. With TestComplete 6, you can alter the order of the categories in which the object’s properties, fields, methods and events are grouped. To modify it, you can call the context menu, select Sort Categories and choose the sort order in the ensuing dialog. The dialog offers three predefined orders: default, ascending, descending, and one customizable sort order.


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