TestComplete 6 Sneak Peek: Code Editor Enhancements
Test and Monitor | Posted August 22, 2007

TestComplete 6 is currently under development, the information contained in this article is not final and may change at any time.

The Code Editor is one of the most frequently used subsystems in TestComplete, as the majority of testing approaches require the creation or modification of scripts. TestComplete 6 introduces some enhancements for the Code Editor subsystem. Our goal is to make code editing even easier and help you reduce common errors.

The editor now has a feature called Autocompletion. With this feature, TestComplete parses the instructions that you type in the editor and automatically invokes the CodeCompletion window that offers the appropriate "endings" of your instructions. The Autocompletion feature speeds up writing and editing of scripts, as it reduces the amount of the keyboard input and simultaneously decreases the any probability of mistyping. To achieve this, the list of items available to CodeCompletion now includes not only objects, properties and methods, as in previous versions, but was enhanced with constants, enumeration values and scripting language keywords. It also shows script routines and global variables that are declared in your unit. When the window is displayed it only contains those items that are suitable for the current insertion point. For instance, on the picture below, only the members of the Log object are displayed:

The parsing engine has also been improved and now tracks variable assignments. That is, if a variable was directly or indirectly assigned with an object, then the parser would provide the CodeCompletion window with data for the corresponding object. For example, for the following DelphiScript code, the window displays the members of the Desktop object that are available for the obj2 variable:

Click to display image

The engine also stores data about the parameters of user-defined script routines. This data is used by the code editor to show popup hints on parameters when pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Space keystroke:

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