TestComplete 4 Sneak Peek - Source Control Integration
Test and Monitor | Posted October 05, 2005

How many of you would like to be able to perform actions from your source control software in TestComplete? I am betting a lot of you would, and guess what, now you can! TestComplete 4 now has a special Source Control integration with all Microsoft Source Code Control API compatible source control systems.

Without leaving TestComplete, you can check in and check out your TestComplete projects or project suites, view their history, compare versions, etc. You can perform these actions for individual project items and their child elements, not only for project and project suite files.

As mentioned above, TestComplete supports all Microsoft Source Code Control API compatible source control applications, including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

  • Concurrent Versions System (CVS), through the CVSProxy or Jalindi Igloo plug-in

  • Merant PVCS Version Manager

  • Team Coherence

  • Rational ClearCase

  • Starbase Versions (StarTeam)

  • Seapine Surround SCM

  • IBM VisualAge TeamConnection

  • CS-RCS

  • MKS Source Integrity

  • Perforce P4 Version Control System

  • CM Synergy (Continuus CM)

  • AllChange

  • Code Co-op

  • SourceOffSite

  • AllFusion Harvest Change Manager

  • TestComplete 4 provides users with three ways of performing actions integrated with source control services. Users can simply call Source Control through the context menu of the Project Explorer, use the File | Source Control menu, or use the Source Control toolbar. All of these menus and the toolbar contain the same controls.

    All of the actions that can be performed from the Source Control menus are:

  • Add to Source Control

  • Check In

  • Check Out

  • Undo Check Out

  • Refresh Status

  • History

  • Compare Files

  • Properties

  • Run Source Control

  • TestComplete 4 also includes special options which allow you to check in or out your projects when opening and closing the program. You can also, manage conflicts for local modified files and files stored in your source control application through special Source Control options (Automatic Merge). The screenshot below displays the Source Control abilities of TestComplete 4. As you can see, you no longer have to switch to your source control application to access your files. Stay tuned for more of TestComplete 4 sneak peeks!

    TestComplete Source Control Actions


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