TestComplete 4 Sneak Peek - Manual Testing
Test and Monitor | Posted September 21, 2005

In today's testing world manual testing is still used and a lot of companies struggle to standardize these tests and often use two different products for Automated Testing and Manual Testing. Struggling to standardize these tests while using two different products is now a thing of the past with TestComplete 4's Manual Testing Project Item.

The Manual Testing Project Item has its own Manual Testing Editor which you use to create standardized manual tests. Shown below, the Manual Testing Editor allows you to add the necessary steps and edit the step's captions, desriptions, locations, notes and comments. Using the Step instructions toolbar, you can load instructions from or save them to an HTML file, insert an image or a hyperlink into instructions, and change the document's font and paragraph parameters.

Manual Test Project Item Editor

When you run the Manual Testing Project Item the Test Description dialog displays and gives the end user a description (description is controlled by you) of the test as a whole. When the user clicks the Begin test button Step 1 of the test displays, as shown in the figure below. The tester now has the option to choose whether this step was successful, failed or to stop the testing. When the user clicks the Success button, TestComplete 4 goes on to the next step, when the Stop button is clicked, the test is stopped and it TestComplete displays the Test Log.

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Manual Testing Step Dialog

When the Fail button is clicked the Step failed dialog is displayed, as shown below. Users can add comments about the error that occurred, continue the testing, try the step again or stop the test all together. When a user adds comments to the Step failed dialog those comments are then transfered to the Test Log and the user can create issues direcly from the Test Log into bug tracking software such as AQdevTeam. So if you use multiple products for automated and manual testing, TestComplete 4 can handle all of that in one package. Stay tuned for more on new TestComplete 4 features and enhancements.

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Manual Testing Failed Dialog