A Guide to Getting More Out of Your TestComplete Tests
Test and Monitor | Posted June 16, 2016

Granting a final approval on the release of an application is often a tricky process.

This is primarily because an application’s quality, and its ability to meet originally specified business requirements, entails having visibility across a variety of tests — including unit, regression, GUI, API, etc. — while also ensuring proper coverage exists for requirements across all these tests.

An automated testing tool, such as TestComplete, helps speed time to delivery by allowing you to easily create accurate and repeatable robust automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments.

A test management tool, such as QAComplete, allows you to get more from these automated tests by providing a platform to manage, plan, organize, and execute test cases and defects associated with your release in one single place.

Combining the power of TestComplete and QAComplete can be helpful in trimming down unnecessary tests and reducing costs, while still ensuring proper coverage exists.

In particular, QAComplete easily integrates with your existing processes, ensuring that everyone involved in the testing process — including developers, manual testers, and QA engineers — are on the same page.

We have seen a number of examples of TestComplete customers (both big and small), successfully implementing test strategies and effective test management practices through QAComplete.

Some examples of these customers include:

Customer Examples TestComplete

Get More from Your TestComplete Tests

In our newest eBook, Get More Out of Your TestComplete Tests: How QAComplete Can Help Plan, Manage, and Report on Automated & Manual Testswe will take a closer look at how these companies were able to use QAComplete to get more value out of TestComplete.

Specifically, we will look at how users of TestComplete can take advantage of the seamless integration between these two powerful tools to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and save a ton of time in the process.

Infact, with the new TestComplete QAComplete integration, you can send automated tests, test suites, as well as projects to QAComplete directly from TestComplete. Once tests are bought back to QAComplete, they can be linked to user stories, tasks, & defects for better visibility and reporting.

Whenever you’re ready, you can download a free trial of QAComplete. Whether you’re already using TestComplete for your automated testing, or are just getting started with test automation – QAComplete in combination with TestComplete enables you to ship software with confidence and scale your testing strategy.

Get your copy of the eBook.

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