TechnologyAdvice: AnDevCon and the Future of Mobile
Test and Monitor | Posted May 30, 2014

AnDevCon, a conference specifically made for and focused on Android developers, is going on right now in our backyard - Boston, Ma. Not only will be have a handful of SmartBears in attendance, we're also one of the sponsors of the show. This is an awesome show that we're extremely excited about being a part of for two reasons:

  • We love mobile development and testing.
  • We love supporting Boston events.

Because we're one of the sponsors of the event, Clark Buckner, who runs the TechnologyAdvice calendar, reached out to get a better understanding of why the mobile space is so important for SmartBear, what we'll be doing at AnDevCon, and where we see the mobile space going over the next few years. SmartBear's Lorinda Brandon answers all of those questions and more in this TechnologyAdvice interview.

Take a listen:

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