Techniques to Advance Your Testing - Environments Edition
Test and Monitor | Posted March 21, 2017

Last week we held our SmartBear Academy 301 class for QAComplete, which is a free training session meant to cover advanced topics and introduce new ideas to our QAComplete customers. This particular session, however, had some great concepts applicable to a wide audience that we wanted to share.

During the training, I was joined by Daniel Giordano, Marketing Manager from the CrossBrowserTesting team, and we discussed how to leverage Test Environments to speed up your testing efforts.


Using cloud environments to quickly maximize the coverage of your manual tests

  • Rapidly accessing pre-configured environments enables quick manual test execution.
  • Using a professional test environment solution like CrossBrowserTesting gives you additional benefits like screenshots or videos to document your test run.

Exploratory testing in the cloud

  • Exploratory or Session-based testing allows manual testing in a non-scripted way. Instead of defining the test ahead of time, you have an area of the application under test to explore and you document your activities as you go.
  • Since it is unscripted, it’s important to have the ability to take notes and screenshots as you go. This lets you document the path to any defects. A good tool allows for quickly converting your exploratory session to a scripted test for later reuse.

Visual Validation (screenshot comparison)

  • Often, to fully cover a test it must be repeatable in many different browsers or operating systems. Test Environments provide you many different configurations of OS, Browsers, and Resolutions across desktop or mobile machines.
  • To get this coverage, you can run one set up pages against many configurations, and compare the resulting screenshots to identify problem areas.
  • We showed this using CrossBrowser Testing’s  Automated Screenshot solution, which automatically highlights differences across configurations.

You can use the basics of these techniques in many tools, but using QAComplete and CrossBrowserTesting in combination fully realizes the value these concepts can provide your testing organization. We provide full, free trials and would be thrilled to speak with you @SmartBear about these techniques, or your particular testing obstacles.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Martin


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