Talking About Microservices: Recap of API Craft Boston
Test and Monitor | Posted April 17, 2015

A few weeks ago, SmartBear hosted API Craft Boston with the folks from Akana, Ian Goldsmith and Laura Heritage, to talk about microservices. It was an extremely informative presentation of where microservices came from, what it solves, and considerations around how it might fit into an organizational API strategy.

It’s one thing to read everyone else’s opinions on blogs, twitter, etc. It’s great to go to workshops and conferences, but this was so intelligently presented (and for a meetup too), that I walked away feeling epicly enlightened. Considering SmartBear is presenting at APIdays/APIstrat Berlin this month, the Architecture, Scalability and Microservices sessions should also be on the list of must see talks because this topic needs as much expansion and contending curation as possible, like all emergent tech.

Table of Contents:

  • (Video @ 3:43) Overview
  • (Video @ 8:28) One key pillar of microservices is “Smart endpoints, dumb pipes”
  • (Video @ 12:00) Which bits are the good bits and which ones aren’t?
  • (Video @ 16:49) We’re talking about 2 week release windows
  • (Video @ 19:45) Out comes the release which is untested, but the developers don’t care…
  • (Video @ 20:28) In the next 6 months you’re going to need [Docker experience]
  • (Video @ 25:32) Conway’s Law – tech architecture directly models the social structure of team
  • (Video @ 31:47) Two pizza teams, keep the teams small. 70 people team != microservice
  • (Video @ 35:45) The app has to be internet scale to be worth investing in microservices
  • (Video @ 38:02) …are an architectural paradigm, a discipline around the way you run things
  • (Video @ 44:42) We’re still doing all the unit and functional testing, but we’re adding a bunch of components to the integration testing
  • (Video @ 48:40) Security [in microservices]…is not addressed. Front-door security only policy.
  • (Video @ 50:25) Per Conway’s Law, there’s no overarching function looking at it, hence lacking

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