Take your Selenium testing to the next level with AlertSite!
Test and Monitor | Posted November 03, 2016

We are excited to announce that AlertSite, our Advanced Synthetic Monitoring Platform, is now Selenium ready! Now IT-Operations teams can repurpose existing Selenium webdriver scripts and create multi-step web transactions monitors on AlertSite with ease.

Why Selenium?

Selenium has become undoubtedly the most popular automation testing framework. Selenium Webdriver drives the browser, just like an end user would and helps create robust browser based tests for various languages such as Java, Python, C# etc.  Testers can scale and distribute these test scripts across diverse environment by packaging them individually. Selenium gives testers the much needed help to adopt to the rapid pace of application development. Selenium checks all the boxes of being a tester’s dream toolkit: it is open source, it is distributed openly and it’s flexible enough to work with variety of languages and browsers of your choice. Many of our existing customers, across all industry verticals, are progressively adopting Selenium in their testing practices. Our valued customers asked for Selenium support, and we listened.

AlertSite brings test and Ops together

Our customers can now use Selenium scripts written with Java language bindings to create AlertSite synthetic monitors without additional scripting. Simply take a functional java test, Add AlertSite specific main function to it and export it as a runnable jar file. Upload the jar file to AlertSite to monitor the web transaction script from AlertSite’s Global network or behind the firewall using Private Nodes. AlertSite helps IT-Operations to keep up with the rapid application development and deployment cadence by helping them reuse the work done in earlier phases of development. The Selenium integration helps IT ops teams to collaborate with the test teams.

Reuse, reduce, repurpose

For multi-step web transaction monitoring, AlertSite already provides a point and click browser recorder called Dejaclick. Start the recorder, and navigate through your applications just like an end user would. Dejaclick would do the rest! Simply upload the script to AlertSite to measure the performance of each individual step of the transaction. For advanced API monitoring, AlertSite integrates with SmartBear’s API functional testing tools Ready!API and SoapUI. Upload a SoapUI functional test, along with assertions and validations, to AlertSite and monitor not just the endpoint availability, but performance and functional correctness of your critical APIs.

AlertSite’s commitment for providing the most sophisticated synthetic monitoring without complex scripting is enhanced by the newly added Selenium integrations. With increased automation and reusability, IT-Operations team spend less time creating monitoring scripts and more time analyzing the data and making improvements.

SmartBear helps you do more with your Selenium Scripts

CrossBrowserTesting, the newest member of the SmartBear Family, currently has a strong presence in the Selenium ecosystem. With CrossBrowserTesting, you can run Selenium test scripts against a variety of different browser and device combinations removing the need for in-house environments or VMs for cross browser capability and mobile responsive testing. Later, in the production phase, you can run Selenium test scripts across AlertSite’s global network and avail all advanced alerting and reporting functionality.

The AlertSite-Selenium integration is readily available for AlertSite customers. Talk to your account manager today to learn about how to create your first Selenium Based monitor.