Step-by-Step Cross-Browser Testing
Test and Monitor | Posted January 20, 2014

Cross-browser testing is essential for ensuring application compatibility with a wide variety of Web browsers... Ideally, cross-browser testing should involve multiple computers with various combina­tions of operating systems. This also includes the need to centrally organize simultaneous or sequential test execution across multiple computers.

TestComplete provides an integrated solution for functional Web testing across all major browsers, as well as for distributed testing and test monitoring on remote computers, whether physical, virtual or cloud.

In this brief article, which was adapted from the intro section of our cross-browser testing eBook, we’ll explain how to leverage TestComplete to orga­nize an automated framework for distributed cross-browser testing.


Four-Step Distributed Testing Process

Distributed testing requires multiple computers to carry out coordinated test actions. When using TestComplete, the distributed test (also called network suite) is initiated from the master computer and executed on the remote computers called slave computers. All of the distributed testing settings— the list of remote computers, the tests to be run on them and so on—are specified in a single test project on the master computer.

Distributed cross-browser testing process consists of the following four phases:

1. Preparing master and remote computers:

  • Installing and configuring web browsers
  • Configuring operating systems for distributed testing

2. Creating cross-browser web tests on master computer

3. Configuring the distributed test on master computer:

  • Adding the Network Suite item to the master project
  • (this item adds the distributed testing functionality)
  • Setting up connections to the remote computers
  • Setting up automatic deployment of test projects to the remote computers
  • Selecting test to be run on the remote computers

4. Running and monitoring the distributed test

If you want to take a deep dive into each of these steps, feel free to download our free eBook by clicking the link below:

A Step-by Guide to Cross-Browser Testing

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