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Test and Monitor | Posted August 15, 2018

Hot off the press! The Hiptest ‘State of Behavior Driven Development - 2018’ survey results are out and filled with exciting tips and tricks that you can start adopting today! Now, learn how to leverage Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to elevate software development in your organization by registering for the live ‘State of Behavior Driven Development Webinar’ with Hiptest experts!

What is Behavior Driven Development?

Behavior Driven Development is an agile approach to software development that embodies the essence of cross-team collaboration. Business stakeholders, product owners, designers, developers and testers come together to define features through examples that mimic user behavior and use them to drive development. These examples or user stories are used to create a shared understanding between internal stakeholders and capture business knowledge prior to code development.

The benefits of BDD are multifold. By collaborating and keeping the end benefits in mind through simple user stories, the requirements of each feature can be clearly defined, thereby leaving no room for misinterpretation. In this way, BDD bridges the gap between business and technology stakeholders by defining acceptance criteria using common, plain text. It also helps minimize wasted efforts and rework because of developed features that don’t meet business needs or create user value. This means that you’re significantly reducing maintenance costs by creating high quality code. When correctly documented, BDD also helps teams keep track of different test cases, ensuring easy modifications any time a feature needs to be changed.

State of Behavior Driven Development -2018 Results

The Hiptest team surveyed over hundreds of teams with the ‘State of Behavior Driven Development – 2018’ survey. Almost half of these teams are already using BDD, with 44% of this year’s respondents using BDD techniques, compared to 38% in 2017. The percentage of teams using BDD is expected to cross 50% within the next 3-5 years.

It’s not only the number of teams that use BDD that has increased, but also the number of people in a team that are involved in writing BDD scenarios. As BDD becomes more popular and its benefits more widely recognized, people are understanding the importance of cross-functional collaboration early in the Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC). It’s no wonder that there is an increase in multiple roles involved in writing BDD scenarios; escalating to 74% in 2018 from 45% in 2017. These roles include business analysts, product owners, developers and testers.


When adopting BDD, survey respondents have found that getting stakeholders to collaborate, training and educating them, and finding the right tools to support them are some of the most common hurdles they faced. However, after overcoming these hurdles and implementing BDD, users perceived better collaboration and improved software quality to be the main benefits.

Teams that practice BDD also leverage test automation to rapidly deploy quality software. This transition from manual testing to test automation is real with teams practicing BDD automating most of their tests. Automation helps teams create high quality software at a fraction of the time and costs involved with manual testing. BDD helps teams create simple user stories which can be easily converted into tests that can be quickly automated. Test automation increased by 13% over the last year.


In addition to automated testing, automated test creation and execution in the cloud are other major trends in the market. Furthermore, using cloud-based tools to execute tests in parallel can accelerate software deployment, thereby cutting testing times from weeks to days and helping teams improve their test coverage.

Discover many more insights about how teams are using BDD to elevate their software development to the next level with the complete ‘State of Behavior Driven Development – 2018’ survey results!

To get the full story, register for the State of BDD webinar today! Join Hiptest’s BDD experts as they navigate through:

  • How to overcome common challenges faced when adopting BDD
  • Insights into the future of BDD
  • Live Question and Answer


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