Speed Up Your Test Cycles With TestComplete
Test and Monitor | Posted April 18, 2017

The latest release of TestComplete comes with new and powerful capabilities that enable you to speed up your automated testing efforts and create robust automated UI tests. This release allows organizations to speed and scale their testing efforts by making it easier for application development and delivery (AD&D) teams to contribute towards test automation efforts.

Release Highlights

New Recording Toolbar: The recording toolbar has a completely new interface allowing you to gain an easy access to recording capabilities, checkpoints, and object information.  As a part of the new recording toolbar, checkpoints have been revamped as well.

Revamped Checkpoint Wizard: The checkpoint wizard has been overhauled in TestComplete 12.3, which allows you to create checkpoints quickly and easily.  The new property checkpoint allows you to verify multiple properties at one time. If needed, you can even combine distinct properties for each checkpoint or even perform image verification.  And not to worry, all of your previously created checkpoints will work as they used to.

See the new toolbar and checkpoint wizard in action:


Custom Zoom & High DPI Support: When you zoom in/out of a webpage, the size or coordinates of your control change causing many UI tests to fail. Primarily because in this case, the size and coordinates of web elements are different than the ones used while creation. To overcome these problems, QA teams are often necessitated to ensure that their browser zoom is set to 100%.

With TestComplete 12.3, you no longer have to set zoom settings of browser to 100%. With custom zoom and high DPI support, UI tests created with TestComplete 12.3 can run automated UI tests correctly irrespective of the zoom level.

Code Editor Enhancements: New code editor enhancements includes new automatic outlining setting commands, smarter auto-formatting, code competition window and more.

Visual Studio 2017 Support: For automation engineers who write scripts in Visual Studio IDE, TestComplete 12.3 works well with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. You can run unit tests created with Visual Studio 2017 as part of your TestComplete projects in addition to running TestComplete tests directly from your MSBuild projects.

In addition to the product enhancements already mentioned, there are other great features available as a part of the latest release of TestComplete. Start your free trial to experience them firsthand.


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