Software Quality Mashup: 5 Visually Stimulating Software Development Stories
Test and Monitor | Posted October 05, 2012

Look, we here at SmartBear love developing and testing as much as the next bear-themed software company. But let's be honest, staring at a computer screen jam-packed with code for hours on end has the potential to get a little bit mundane. And, really, is taking a break to stare at the pale gray wall of your cubicle really a great alternative? Absolutely not!

We all need a little visual stimulation once in a while. It's good for us. And I'm not just saying that. There are plenty of studies out there suggest that different colors and patterns and have a meaningful impact on our health, morale and ability to take in information. So really, it's good for you (and for everyone around you) if you take a little break from work to give your brain a colorful boost every so often - you can tell your boss I said so.


So, just to help you out, I've packaged up these five graphic-, color- and video-based software development stories that will give your brain a vibrant boost from the convenience of your own desk chair! Enjoy.


5 Visually Stimulating Software Development Stories


 1.) The Code Side Of Color - Here, @benthinkin breaks down the pattern behind hexadecimal coding and provides some insight and a few tricks to help you use the entire spectrum of color to your advantage!


2.) Visualizing Tolkien - Okay, okay, so what if the Lord of the Rings series has already been turned into a movie? @fiftythirteen came up with an even more creative, and statistically precise, way to visualize the writings of John Ronald Reuel Tolkein. 


3.) Plotting xkcd-Style Graphs - Not everything is meant to be visualized as crisply and precisely as Tolkein's writing. Some things are just better represented by squiggly, cartoonish lines. I'm just saying, you're probably going to want to bookmark this link for the next time you need to graph out your level of enjoyment during a Thanksgiving feast with your in-laws.


4.) Google Street View now available on mobile Web-based Google Maps - Apparently someone didn't think Google Maps users would be satisfied with simply being able to explore the surface of the moon or the bottom of the ocean. Smartphone users can now use Street View on their mobile devices to get a visual of a street that they are currently standing on! All I can say is, good luck with your new map, Apple.


5.) The soapUI LEGO Story - Check out this video of the creators of soapUI explaining how they used a LEGO-based reward system to help their employees visualize each and every sale they made.






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