Software Quality Mashup: 5 Software Development Stories You Might Have Missed This Week
Test and Monitor | Posted July 06, 2012

If you had a busy week saving the world from horrible code, or like some of us in the US, were enjoying fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, chances are you missed these good reads. Here are some great articles that burst on to our screens over this past week and are compiled here for you so you can catch up.

5 Software Development Stories You Might Have Missed This Week 

1. Being a Great Tester - @dodgy_coder turned us on to this useful byte from Software Testing Course, How to Make Software Fail (CS258) on Udacity, being taught by John Regehr and Sean Bennett.

2. Git is the new Subversion -- just as Subversion was the new CVS - Where do you keep your source code? Git is quickly emerging as the SCM of choice for developers and is quickly edging out Subversion. Here is Alan Zeichick's take on the DevX Editor's blog.

3. Stanford’s Most Popular Major Is Now Computer Science - Mashable compiled some eye opening stats on a major shift (pun intended) happening at the Big Four, and Stanford in particular. Did you know that a quarter of all undergrads and 50% of Stanford Graduate students are Engineering majors?

4. Stack Overflow Man Remakes Net One Answer at a Time - Jeff Atwood shares his vision of making the internet better for everyone by making developers better at the non-technical aspects of programming by mandating high standards on Stack Exchange.

5. 38 Studios in Rhode Island - A Lesson in Software Risk - OK, so this is a gratuitous, self-plug from yesterday's post on SQM. However, we can't think of a better example of software risk to share than that of baseballer, Curt Schilling's startup, 38 Studios.

What other great, software stories did you come across this week? Please share them with the rest of us in the comments.





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