Software Quality Mashup: 5 Software Development Stories You Missed Because of the Olympics
Test and Monitor | Posted July 28, 2012

With all eyes on the Olympics that started yesterday, it's possible you missed some of these exciting software quality stories that we caught last week. 

Our weekly mashup does not just feature brand new stories but tries to highlight interesting problems faced by software developers, creative solutions used to tackle these issues and celebrating what SmartBear tries to represent - helping developers create better software.

If you happen to chance upon some great reads, please pass them my way (credentials below) and also let us know what you'd like to hear about on this blog! Enjoy.

5 Awesome Software Stories Your Probably Missed Amid the Buzz Around the Olympics

1. oAuth 2.0 And the Road to Hell - No matter how smart a developer you are, or how many smart people are on your team, the success and failure (or quality outcome) of your project can be at the mercy of other factors. @eranhammer from Yahoo! sheds some light on that aspect in this candid post.


Photo credit: Eran Hammer / hueniverse

2. The making of Warcraft part1 - What was the genesis of Warcraft 1? Awesome, historical background on how the game came about, development issues they faced and some creative solution handling by the first developer on the project, Patrick Wyatt (webcoyote@github).

3. Microsoft Faces 7 Billion Fine for Violating EU Deal - Microsoft is in some hot water with the EU over failure to meet anti-trust requirements. A "technical issue" forced end users to install Internet Explorer instead of being able to install a browser of choice. A very costly mistake indeed! Make sure you also read these relevant software quality control tips from our very own Goran Begic.

Not so fast, Microsoft!

success kid smartbear deployed code

4. Five Ways to Think Wisely in Development - In this great read by Java developer, Nirav Assar, je talks about parallels between Gary Marcus' (author of Kluge) exploration of the mind and how one can become a better software developer. His take is that many of the technical and social decisions we make as part of a software team are often afflicted by "kluges" of the mind, and provides some basic and common sense tactics to help offset these imperfections.

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Developers - Habit 1: Be Proactive - In our gratuitous post of the week, we highlight the first habit in a 7-part series based on Stephen Covey's immortal 7 Habits, with a software development flavor of course.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend. I'm off to beat level 14 in Portal!

portal view 1

Photo credit: BoingBoing

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