Software Quality Mashup: 5 Software Development Stories To Get You Through the Dog Days of Summer
Test and Monitor | Posted August 03, 2012

As the dog days of summer slowly creep along it can be easy to fall into slumps of complacency and - let’s be honest with ourselves - laziness. But don’t fret, we’re here to help pull you out of it with this week’s “self-improvement” mashup.  

Whether it's developing skills, testing skills, or that annoyingly short attention span of yours (yesyou), there’s always a little something that each of us can improve about ourselves. And if none of these are particularly helpful, it just may be time to re-visit that diet you promised yourself you’d start eight months ago (we’re starting after this weekend, we swear). Enjoy.

5 Software Development Stories To Get You Through the Dog Days of Summer 

1. A Bad Privacy Bug -   The folks at Pinboard (@pinboard) found a little something to improve upon this week after discovering a series of small coding mistakes that made the private bookmarks of roughly 100 users visible to the public for nearly two hours. Luckily, they were able to squash the issue relatively quickly. Just to be safe, check out their blog post from Tuesday to make sure you don’t make a similar error.

2. Five Ways to Make Test Automation Fail - We know none of you would ever make any of the mistakes that Laura Salazar mentions in her column this week, right? Right!? Anyway, just in case you really are starting to slip in to that midsummer haze, here are a handful of lessons that should keep you on track while automating testing.

3. Bicycle Skills - What better time than now to pull off those training wheels? In this blog post from Wednesday, John Cook (@johndcook) explains why real-time skills and (as he calls them) bicycle skills are worthy time investments that you’re better off mastering sooner than later.

breaking away mosaic

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4. Games could predict whether you’re color blind, a gambler, or have ADD - Turns out all those hours we spent playing Warcraft were doubling as a way to compile scientific data that could decipher our personality traits and mental health. In this post on, Lukasz Twardowski (@ltwardowski) insists that he is able to pinpoint whether someone is colorblind, has Alzheimer’s disease, or is a dirty, rotten cheater simply by using data from video games. Take that mom!

5. Now is the Time for Your Website to Adopt "Microformats" - This isn’t necessarily something that will improve you personally. However, it may do something just as important: improve your website. Cameron Laird (@PhaseIt) spells out exactly why it’s time to open your eyes and start seeing how useful microformats can actually be.

What other great, software stories did you come across this week? Please share them with the rest of us in the comments.

Photo credit: Ben Austin



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