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Test and Monitor | Posted June 29, 2012

Software quality...different methods and practices to achieve, different definitions. We can never seem to agree. One thing we can agree on, is that it's important (you're here after all). A couple of interesting articles I thought you may have missed this week are below.

Earlier this week we blogged on the recent changes that C11 has to offer, C11: A New Standard Aiming at Safer Programming. It was no surprise to me that Slashdot picked this up and you would share your opinions. No, this isn't the article, but your comments got me to thinking...and fortunately for me, I found someone as equally intrigued with my thought:

Abel Avram at InfoQ has asked the question, "Why do some languages succeed, while others fail?" In it, he looks at the research from two UC Berkley researchers who have investigated programming lanaguage adoption from a socialogical perspective, and then interviews the researchers for more detail. Check it out at the link above.

Why do you think some languages catch on, hang on (even if we don't want them to), or just fade away? 

At (no affiliation), Dan Woods wrote about how AT&T adopted APIs as an Innovation Paradigm. In his article, he argued, "there is a huge opportunity for large companies to adopt APIs not just as a way of programming but as a new paradigm for accelerating achievement of a variety of business goals." 

SmartBear is no stranger to the importance of APIs, just ask Ole Lensmar. And if recent Gartner commentary on the subject of APIs is any indication, we truly are in The Golden Age of APIs.




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