Software Quality Connection – Now Part of the SmartBear blog
Test and Monitor | Posted June 20, 2012

Beginning today, Software Quality Connection is now part of the SmartBear blog, Software Quality Matters. Welcome.

Software Quality Connection was created by us to provide software developers, testers, and IT professionals in the trenches with up to date information and the latest trends. It was – and in its new home will continue to be – an unfiltered platform to discuss tech topics with peers and experts, talk about and advance developer careers, and learn how to improve software quality.

Our articles are written by the software quality experts here at SmartBear, the people you know, including experts in programming circles and authorities in the computer industry. We also have plenty of input from your peers who are finding better ways to deliver software or just to get ahead in their careers. (See our Writer’s Guidelines, if you’d like to write for us.)

While you’ll find plenty of technology features, case studies, customer guest blogs, and opinion columns here, the SmartBear blog is primarily a conversation. Of course SmartBear makes great tools that make the lives of developers, testers, and IT operations professionals easier (certainly we think so!), but our blog is truly a collaboration among serious practitioners — and you’re one of them. Share your opinions and experience!

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