Software Developers: The Chicken or the Pig?
Test and Monitor | Posted October 24, 2012

When it comes to making a big decision about product development, who really should have the final say: Should it be the programmers, who put their hearts and souls into the creation of the software, or should be it the business people who actually turn the software into a profitable product?

The anecdote that is probably most often quoted in this discussion is the classic fable of the chicken and the pig. But this story really just ends up creating a whole new bag of questions: Are the developers the chicken or the pig? Whose butt is really on the line if the product is not considered a success? And does it really need to be that polarizing? The specific, assigned roles of Scrum - product owner, development team, Scrum Master and stakeholders - are supposed to answer a lot of those questions.

However, Niclas Reimertz, business unit manager for SmartBear-Sweden, doesn't think we've reached a complete solution to this issue. Check out the video above to see Niclas' own take on the chicken and the pig story, as well as his thoughts about the next step for product ownership in software industry. Enjoy.

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