soapUI Product Development 2012
Test and Monitor | Posted January 19, 2012


I'd like to take some time and go into details about our general plans for the releases of our software in 2012.


soapUI 4.5 - The Big Ears Release

We love our customers and like to give something back for all their loyalty over the years. The next release will be focused on providing several features asked for buy our commercial community.

Currently we’re busy implementing the last features for the 4.5 Release, scheduled for end of Q1. The main feature is debugging; the ability to run your tests in debug mode and to follow variables, add breakpoints and more. We’ve had many feature requests around debugging and we think the stuff we’re working on looks and works pretty great.

Support for Multiple Environments

We’re also working on a much requested improvement by our Pro Users, increased support for Multiple Environments. That is, for Pro users that want to change the test setup based on what environment they’re testing, changing that setup will be significantly easier.

We’re also improving assertion by adding an assertion TestStep for the Pro users as well as a Response Compare Test Step. The Response Compare TestStep is for asserting entire messages so we may have to change the name, but the feature will be the same; you will not be able to assert entire responses instead of just one element.

Floating Licenses

We’re also adding support for Floating License. I’ve long been less than bullish about floating licenses, but our commercial users has convinced me this is to their benefit, not just for financial purposes, and we’ve decided to implement it.  This means a total overhaul of the entire license mechanism.

soapUI Open Source

The Open Source users will have a lot of goodies as well. For the Open Source community we have added new support for NTLM 2 and Kerberos as well as SAML 2. This is a significant improvement for the Open Source users and will make the testing capabilities of soapUI much better. This is something you’ve asked for, and we’re honored to deliver it.

We’re also busy looking at version 5, scheduled for release at the end of 2012. We’re leaning towards implementing extensive support for WCF, but this is not set yet.  We have a few other ideas we’d like to kick around before making a decision, so please let me know what you think. It will have an actual result.


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