SoapUI Open Source 5.1.2 Refresh
Test and Monitor | Posted March 11, 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve released an update to SoapUI open source, but truthfully we’ve been busy here at SmartBear. We wished we could have released it sooner, but there are just some things that needed to change first.

Amongst other things, we moved our corporate offices, re-architected our commercial API testing platform, found some new folks to work with us, and had one heck of a holiday party.

Now we’re back in action with a new SoapUI open source version update to the code hosted on Sourceforge. Most notably, JSON-related enhancements to make building REST services easier are now included in the 5.1.2 distro, but also bug fixes since the last code refresh and community user contributions. Sure, it’s not jaw-dropping, but how many vendors do you know that take their commercial success and reinvest it into their already world-renowned open source solution?

SoapUI began in 2005, a bright idea about how to test APIs from a few guys in Sweden. 7 million downloads and 25 thousand companies later, those guys plus a whole lot of other great people are still finding ways to continue that commitment to the open source community. This and future updates to SoapUI is our proof.

You can check out the latest version of SoapUI here.


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