SoapUI at Centiro – Implementing the “Click”

Per Åkerberg, a veteran SoapUI user and quality buff, was one of the presenters at MeetUI 2013, SoapUI's user conference that was held in Stockholm on May 23.

According to Per, writing tests in SoapUI is easy - writing good ones is hard. At Centiro, Per and his team had difficulty understanding the functions of the tests and where to find them. His team solved this challenge by applying Gherkin language to SoapUI. In his session, Per will demonstrated how Gherkin and SoapUI Click and how it brought Centiro’s tests and test culture to the next level.

Prepare to have your mind blown in this presentation, which takes SoapUI usage to a whole new level.

About the presenter:

25 years ago, a Commodore-64 found its way into Per’s house. He’s been hooked ever since. Today, Per contends that being a developer is more fun than ever. Over the years, he found his passion for quality and started blogging about his quest for software excellence. Per has been a SoapUI user since 2010 and currently works as a C# developer at Centiro Solutions in Borås. Connect with Per on Twitter.

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