SoapUI – Another Step Forward
Test and Monitor | Posted November 12, 2013

We released SoapUI 4.6.1 a few weeks ago - thank you SoapUI team! But as soon as 4.6.1 was out we started working on 4.6.2, which is coming soon. We want to share some of those things with you, including more REST testing improvements!

The Next Big Thing

We have started development on the next big release, with more REST testing improvements. We have reinforced the team, and now we are splitting it into two: a small team focusing on 4.6.2 and a larger team focusing on the next big release.

Error-Driven Development

Last week I was in Berlin to visit the Agile Testing Days conference where I did a small talk on focusing much more on preparing for error handling than you normally do when writing code. Surprisingly, there was a lot of interest, and I hopefully planted some ideas into people’s minds that will help in creating better quality software. Don’t forget, it’s not only about the tools.  You also have to know what to do with them.

Better Personas

We have invested a lot of time in creating personas to represent our users, and we are continuing to work with them.

For us, the purpose of personas is to help us focus our user stories. We want to make sure our user stories match the personas’ goals. This quickly puts an end to disagreements we might have while developing a certain feature. When we add the perspective of a certain persona it often becomes obvious which solution of a certain user story is the most appropriate.

So learning about our users to improve personas is important, and when we meet real users and talk about the problems they face, it becomes important input for developing our personas. You can help us by sharing what you need to help solve your problems.

We Need your Help

I received some really good feature suggestions during my short visit to the Agile Testing Days, and also on the SoapUI forums, but I always need more. Please let me know about the features you need, and the problems you’re having when testing. Go to the forums, and make yourself heard.

Let’s Meet

If you happen to be in Stockholm, give us a call or email me at We could meet, to let you personally describe what features you love or hate in SoapUI. Actually, on November 21 we have a small after work pub that we call SmartBeer. If you want to come just tell us in advance!

Don’t live in Stockholm? What features would you love to see implemented? Leave us a comment below!

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