soapUI 4.5 beta 2 - the "We Suck Less on Mac" release
Test and Monitor | Posted March 14, 2012

On Wednesday, March 14 we released soapUI 4.5 beta 2. The theme for 4.5 is “The Big Ears Release,” meaning we’ve added a number of features requested by our community. We’ve been listening to our Mac users and in beta 2, we’re demonstrating our commitment to begin addressing known issues.

Now, it’s no secret that the soapUI experience on the Mac has been… well, frankly horrible. It’s been a combination of Java, Mac, 3rd party libraries and us just not putting enough effort into Mac OS X. I’ve personally felt embarrassed about how we’ve deteriorated on the platform, especially since I “grew up” on the Mac; my second (first was Lisp on Amiga, don’t ask…) programming experience was using CodeWarrior on Mac OS 7. But I digress… Lately soapUI on the Mac just hasn’t been functioning properly, soapUI is Java which means it would never be a true Mac experience, but at least we could make it work for the community using Mac for their testing needs.

What you are getting


So I want to say, we’re committed to making soapUI work on the Mac and I hope soapUI 4.5 beta 2 will show our commitment. We still have a ways to go, but I do think that we’ve erased most of the serious bugs and strange behavior. We’ve fixed issues such as the "undocking top bar" issues, the "fugly tabs" problems and even have found an old bug from 2008, the dreaded “I can't enter special characters into the editor” bug. These are just a few of the many bugs we've addressed and we will continue fixing bugs over the next coming next two weeks before soapUI 4.5 Final. And here is where I need your help...


How you can contribute

You can actually make sure soapUI works well for you, and it's not even especially hard to do, here's how you go about it. Please download the beta, use it in your daily work and submit bug reports. It's up to you:

  • You can change the Mac experience for better by submitting bugs;
  • You can help yourself by telling us your pet peeve and favorite thing in the soapUI Mac experience; and
  • You (and I do mean you) can make a difference in how the release turns out.

Please be as detailed as you can muster, we testers need a way to reproduce issues in order to improve them; it's really hard to do something about "You Suck!"

What you can expect

I’d also like to share a bit about our commitment; if we get good feedback (and by “good” I don’t mean “nice,” I mean bugs and feedback we can work with) expect more improvements for soapUI 4.5 Final. Expect us to continue to make improvements in all coming versions and expect us NOT to deteriorate going forward. Our latest addition to the soapUI team, Henrik (@DaHankzter) will be working on Mac alone in order for us to appreciate the soapUI Mac experience first-hand, and our Community Manager, Neda, will continue to listen to you (@soapUI). We do listen, our new commitment to the Mac was the result of Neda feeling your pain and threatening me with bodily harm if I didn’t do something about it…

I’ll also be totally honest and say, "soapUI on the Mac will never be a perfect Mac experience," we do develop soapUI in Java/Swing and will never rewrite it in Cocoa however much we would like to. We will also never change the GUI to look any different on a Mac; it is what it is. So as a Mac user, I don't think you will ever feel like the Mac experience is optimal and total, but do see a future where you find it great (If you want perfection; try loadUI) and I do see a future where you feel cared for.

So, go and download soapUI 4.5 beta 2. And make a difference.





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