SmartBears Get Manis for a Cure
Test and Monitor | Posted October 30, 2017

Cupcakes, manicures, and a glass of sparkling rosé. What sounds like a dream Saturday with the girlfriends was actually a recent Friday in the SmartBear Somerville office—all for a great cause. Our Women in Tech group brought these elements—along with some very talented nail artists from marketing and customer success—to the office to raise money for a fundraiser in support of breast cancer research. Dozens of SmartBears visited our common area to get a Mani for a Cure.

Held October 27 over two half-hour sessions, the event began with high energy that continued throughout the day. At first, some of the guys were hesitant to get their nails painted, but as the day took on a rosier hue, more and more gained the confidence to paint a pinkie, thumb, or, in some cases, all 10 nails for the cause!

We had so much fun and the positive energy was infectious, helping us raise a grand total of $1,150. All proceeds will be donated on behalf of our loved ones to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

When people come together, amazing things happen. We put aside judgement and embraced a common goal: to raise awareness and fund important, life-saving research.



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