SmartBear Reaches 5 Million Downloads
Test and Monitor | Posted January 28, 2013

SmartBear 1 million users

What do SmartBear and Minecraft for Xbox 360 have in common? Both have reached an impressive 5 million downloads, and then some! And while SmartBear doesn’t develop games, we do create the testing and DevOps tools that make software quality a reality for more than 1,000,000 developers worldwide—many of whom deliver the gaming fun we all crave.

In the same way that BASF states that it doesn’t make a lot of the products you buy, but makes a lot of the products you buy better, SmartBear does the very same for software. We help you create quality software faster, and with fewer defects, so you deliver a better product every time.

Last week we announced some pretty cool user statistics. Not only have we reached the 5 million download mark, more than one million developers are using the SmartBear software quality tools worldwide, which means we serve one of the largest free user communities in enterprise software.

Get on the Bandwagon

While you may know that SmartBear’s products help developers create desktop, mobile, web and cloud-based apps, you may be curious what drives this phenomenal volume of activity for SmartBear. We think a lot of it comes from how well we support teams that understand the importance of the APIs in their architecture.

Since APIs are at the core of application architectures, no matter how the app is deployed, our strong support of API-based development gives businesses unprecedented flexibility to adapt to new technologies, devices and opportunities. SmartBear is actively helping developers to establish a testing and monitoring strategy, ensuring they have the best APIs for both providers and consumers.

SmartBear tools allow developers to thoroughly test APIs before making them public, load test them to ensure they can handle customers’ demands, and then monitor them to ensure they continue to perform optimally. It’s our ability to focus on the full lifecycle of the developer that sets us apart.

With APIs becoming more and more important, and providing businesses with a competitive edge, you can’t afford to miss the boat. We invite you to join the one million developers already gaining business advantage with SmartBear testing, development and web performance tools. Welcome to the club!

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