SmartBear & ITS Partner Up at Swiss Testing Day in Zurich, Switzerland
Test and Monitor | Posted March 14, 2018

SmartBear and itsbusiness AG have teamed up to sponsor Swiss Testing Day today,  Wednesday, March 14th. At SmartBear, we provide tools for development, testing, and operations teams to create great software, faster than ever. We are partnering with itsbusiness AG, specifically their division, who are available for questions around products, services and best-case in software quality assurance.

Learn more about the SmartBear and ITSB Partnership here.

What: Silver Sonship at Swiss Testing Days + Damien Walsh, Senior Sales Engineer, will deliver “End-to-End Testing: The Top-Down Approach.”

When: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 from 13:50 - 14:20 PM

Where: Samsung Hall, Zurich, Switzerland, SmartBear Booth #9

We will be giving live demonstrations of SmartBear products along and sharing how you can best position and implement SmartBear services working with itsbusiness AG. Stop by the booth the see the following SmartBear Products:

Along with exhibiting, SmartBear’s very own Damien Walsh, Senior Sales Engineer, will deliver “End-to-End Testing: The Top-Down Approach” LIVE at Swiss Testing Days. This session will take place from 13:50 - 14:20. Read about his session here.

Be sure to stop by booth 9 to learn more about our products, grab some free swag, or enter our raffle for the chance to win a Nintendo switch!


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